Throw St Malo

Throw St Malo

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80% Hemp 20% Wool

Timeless herringbone pattern, perfect for spring and summer.

Made in Lithuania

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Color : Aqua Blue
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What Makes This Product Different?

The Fabric

Timeless, inviting and adaptable piece that transitions effortlessly from sofa to you, adding a touch a cozy sophistication wherever it goes. Made from natural hemp, this very durable heritage fabric has a very low carbon footprint.

The Feel

Cool to touch

The Design

Timeless herrringbone pattern, perfect for Spring/Summer


- 80% Hemp, 20% Wool

- Weight ( grams/ sq metre ): 210

- Light weight, breathable and fresh hemp blend

- Spring / Summer weight

-Herringbone pattern

What's Included ?

Includes 1 throw blanket ( 130 cm x 190 cm / 51 inch x 75 inch )


Techniques and craftsmanship are at the heart of our commitment in production of textile material from the very best materials found in nature. Our commitment to protecting the environment extends to caring for the land as well as for animals. Special attention is paid to choosing farms that guarantee excellent treatment of animals. This piece is manufactured by a vertical heritage Italian company, using electricity derived from certified renewable sources.

Care Guide

-If your day was free of sweat, stains or spills it’s actually best to avoid washing frequently, if at all. Typically, dirt and stains will lift off with a spot clean and odours can be removed by airing. This will prolong the life of the product. Wool has a natural capacity to recover and regenerate. All it needs is a rest for one or two days.

-If you do need to wash, we recommend using an environment friendly and professional dry cleaning service.

-Do not bleach

-Do not iron

-Make sure your piece is clean and dry before storing. We recommend storing in a dust free, well aired environment, away from any sunlight or heat sources.

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Timeless design
We stand for high quality versatility in creating layers which transcend single usage. Our design brings timelessness that never fades , allowing you to enjoy pieces for multiple seasons.
100% natural & sustainable
Made from natural hemp, this very durable heritage fabric has a very low carbon footprint
Crafted in the Mediterranean
At Everlayer, every step embodies conscious choice. Crafted in Europe by family-owned manufacturers, our pieces adhere to the highest standards of ethics, health, and sustainability. Experience luxury with a conscience.
Breathable & Cool to touch
Hemp is highly breathable and is cool to touch making this an ideal piece for Spring/Summer.

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"Laidback luxury, remarkably soft and warm"
"Lets you discover the art of refined living"
"Artisan weaves in timeless designs"
"Nothing you ever felt like softness"

Elevate your everyday