Slow down, layer up

Designed in Canada

Our location in the Canadian prairies gives us warm summers and severely cold winters. We take inspiration from our home and use it as our lab when designing and testing our products.

For centuries, Canada has had a history of making things to stay warm. Once upon a time, that meant raising sheep to craft high-quality wool coats, hats, and blankets. Today, we're moving our heritage forward by pairing natural materials with sustainable design.

Crafted in


We work with European manufacturers, including a centuries-old Italian yarn mill, that utilize artisanal techniques and adhere to the highest standards. We will always value craftsmanship while ensuring respect and fairness to everyone who has a hand in making our products.

Made to last

We offer an alternative to today's rapid pace of consumption and fleeting trends. Our philosophy is rooted in slowing down and being mindful-in our products and practices as well as at home.