Bath Sheet Bundle (4+4) Escapade

Bath Sheet Bundle (4+4) Escapade

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100% cotton
Soft three dimensional micro waffle texture.

Made in Portugal

⦿ Choose your Bath Sheet Set (2+2) Escapade +
Color: Ivory White
⦿ Choose your Bath Sheet Set (2+2) Escapade +
Color: Ivory White
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Regular price $232 CAD ($258 value) Sale price

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What Makes This Product Different?

The Fabric

A quick drying, travel friendly bath fabric in a lightweight yet absorbent design, brings a tactile texture to a small micro waffle design.

The Feel

Lightweight, travel friendly, soft.

The Design

Soft three dimensional micro waffle texture.


- 100% cotton

- Weight ( grams/ sq metre ) : 300

-Long-staple cotton ensures the highest quality and durability.

What's Included ?

- 4 Oversized Hand Towels ( 50 cm x 100 cm / 20 inch x 39 inch )

- 4 Bath Sheets ( 100 cm x 150 cm / 40 inch x 59 inch )


Techniques and craftsmanship are at the heart of our commitment in production of textiles from the very best materials found in nature. Our commitment to protecting the environment extends to caring for the land as well as for the people who make our products. Special attention is paid to choosing family owned farms and factories that guarantee traceability. Everlayer products are free from harmful substances and thus safe for the people and the environment.


STANDARD 100 BY OEKO-TEX 9805CIT, certified by CITEVE

Care Guide

-If your day was free of sweat, stains or spills it’s actually best to avoid washing frequently and opt for gentle spot-cleaning to prolong the life of the product. Cotton is highly absorbent, so products used everyday, should be washed on average once a week. This prevents natural oils and sweat from staining and damaging the fabric.

-Machine wash cold with like colors on a gentle cycle.

-Avoid bleach and fabric softeners. Our organic cotton gets softer with every wash.

-Tumble dry low amp; remove promptly.

-Wash separately and not with other garments, to prevent snagging the intricate weave with things like buttons and zippers.

-Make sure your piece is clean and dry before storing. We recommend storing in a dust free, well aired environment, away from any sunlight or heat sources.

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Timeless design
Everlayer adds a touch of thoughtful design, color, and texture to your bathroom, becoming an extension of your personal style. Our towels encourage a moment of pause, inviting you to embrace tranquility and elevate your daily bathing ritual.
Unrivaled Softness & Absorbency
Luxuriously soft, Everlayer towels are made from soft, durable, natural and bio-degradable cotton in carefully considered weights and loop density to offer superior absorbency and a plush feel.
Crafted in the Mediterranean
At Everlayer, every step embodies conscious choice. Crafted in Europe by family-owned manufacturers, our towels adhere to the highest standards of ethics, health, and sustainability. Experience luxury with a conscience.
Elevated Oversized Comfort
Made oversized, Everlayer towels redefine luxury in size. Larger than standard, our hand towels effortlessly double as hair towels. For those seeking complete post-shower warmth or catering to taller frames, our Bath Sheets offer the ideal wrap.

Everlayer in use

Slow down, layer up


"Laidback luxury, remarkably soft and warm"
"Lets you discover the art of refined living"
"Artisan weaves in timeless designs"
"Nothing you ever felt like softness"

Elevate your everyday