Luxurious Living: Embracing 100% Cotton with the RoyalRest Matelasse Coverlet

Luxurious Living: Embracing 100% Cotton with the RoyalRest Matelasse Coverlet

Life is too short to live uncomfortably. That’s especially true when it comes to the bed, where most of us don't get to spend nearly as much time as we'd like. Savoring every precious moment is made easy by Everlayer’s with plush series of cotton coverlets. Meticulously crafted and designed to last, a small investment like this can make a substantial difference in your long-term well-being.

Indulgence in Comfort 

Everlayer's iconic RoyalRest Matelasse Coverlet is the perfect addition to any space in need of a little extra luxury. It's not just any old sheet - rather, a robust, enveloping cloud of comfort. The mosaic stitching’s dimension and texture creates a soft and inviting surface to sink into at the end of each day.

The RoyalRest Matelasse Coverlet is the kind of high-quality blanket you'd want to save for your most honored house guests. But we wouldn’t blame you for reserving it for personal use; the five-star hotel quality is worth gatekeeping. A substantial weight of 420 grams per square meter gives the RoyalRest Matelasse Coverlet reassuring heft while maintaining enough breathability for year-round use.

Meticulously Crafted Details

Luxury and sophistication call for a great attention to detail. Like all Everlayer products, this cotton coverlet makes no exceptions. Take a close look and you'll notice fine stitching across the entire coverlet with mitered corners that ensure a tidy finish on every end. The edges are adorned with a three-inch flange to add texture and aesthetic balance to the overall design. The top side is finished off with a one-inch hem that ties everything together neatly and nicely. 

Tailored Fit, Effortless Elegance

The RoyalRest Matelasse Coverlet is made even more attractive by its ability to compliment beds of all sizes. We overcut and preshrink each one to ensure a seamless fit and an effortlessly elegant appearance for every resting place. No more tugging or adjusting your coverlet to make it fit just right – this product's tailored edges and smooth layers are intended to effortlessly cascade over one another without any effort. The variety of color options available can cater to every bedroom decor and taste preference.

Sustainable Origins, Traceable Journey

We at Everlayer want you to feel as good about our products as you do while using them. That's why we put a special emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility in every aspect of our business. The RoyalRest Matelasse Coverlet is no exception. Made from 100% cotton, every step of its journey from the fields to your bedroom is carefully considered for sustainability.

We proudly work with family-owned farms and factories to ensure that the products we sell are made from ethically sourced and traceable material. Not every coverlet brand out there can confidently say they know where and how their cotton is grown, harvested, and turned into usable textile. The beautiful coverlet you see before you is a product of transparency and represents our ongoing commitment to doing things right. 

Free from Harmful Substances

It's one thing to source natural materials, and another to keep them free from harmful substances. That’s why our Matelasse Coverlet's 100% organic cotton is kept safee from chemicals and toxins like pesticides, dyes, and synthetic fragrances during every stage of the production process. 

Everlayer's focus on quality ensures your cotton coverlet will last just as long, if not longer than, traditional synthetic materials. The natural fibers are durable and can withstand everyday use without losing their softness or shape. A true investment, this product will last your family for years while providing a healthier, toxin-free sleeping environment. Consider it Mother Nature's gift to your bedroom.

A Symphony of Nature and Craft

If you've been exploring the market for some time, you'll know that not every cotton coverlet out there is made equal. Some brands opt to focus solely on functionality, while others prioritize aesthetics. However, with our RoyalRest Matelasse Coverlet, we've managed to strike the perfect balance between both.

Crafted with intricate mosaic pattern and using luxurious Italian chenille material, this blanket is a true symphony of nature and craft. The stunning pattern is inspired by the natural beauty found in our surroundings - a testament to what can happen when natural beauty and human nature come together for the sake of design. 

Elevate Your Bedroom, Elevate Your Lifestyle

There are few things in life that can compare to the feeling of sinking into a soft, cozy bed after a long day. But with the RoyalRest Matelasse Coverlet, that experience is taken to a whole new level. It’s impossible to get enough of the feeling once you’ve had it for the first time. A premium product like this will pay back every penny you spend on it in comfort. 

By investing in this cotton coverlet, you are not just elevating your bedroom - you are elevating your entire lifestyle. Everlayer's reputation as a socially responsible and environmentally conscious brand means that you can indulge in luxury while also aligning with sustainable and ethical practices. 

Everlayer is proud to offer a range of luxurious bed linens that not only feel amazing but also look stunning. Our products are made with the finest materials, carefully selected to provide ultimate comfort and promote restful sleep. The RoyalRest Matelasse Coverlet is just one example - try it or one of our many throws, blankets, and bundles and you'll quickly see why more and more people are choosing Everlayer for their bedding needs.


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