The Terre Blanket: Unveiling the Luxury of 100% Extra-Fine Wool

The Terre Blanket: Unveiling the Luxury of 100% Extra-Fine Wool

A good night's sleep is essential for your health as it plays a massive role in repairing your body. But what might be standing between you and a good sleep could be as simple as a blanket or body covering. Psst… we mostly hint at a poly-blend you chose because it had a hip design instead of a 100% wool blanket

Blankets promote better sleep quality by providing comfort. Especially if it’s a pure wool blanket, the winter night can see better sleep. And we're hinting at our 100% wool blanket, the Terre Blanket, which could be the perfect addition to your daily sound sleep ritual. 

The Terre Blanket is at the pinnacle of luxury with its soft and cozy feel. When a blanket embodies intricate details and finishes, you know it's made for pure comfort. It features a modern double-face reversible design with a wrinkled effect. And it also has free fringes that add even greater allure. 

Let's delve into what sets the Terre Blanket apart and why you should invest in one or one of many! 

1. The Fabric: A Symphony of Virgin Wool 

The heart of the Terre Blanket's allure lies in its extraordinary fabric. Made from extra-fine wool fibres, this blanket feels super cozy and is very snuggly. It immediately brings you into your comfort zone from a long day. 

The virgin wool used to make the Terre Blanket comes from a careful selection of European farms, resulting in an outstandingly soft fibre. It's not just the softness that captivates but also the fabric's unique ability to capture air. 

This extra fine and virgin wool allows it to capture the air, creating an insulating layer that regulates your body temperature as you sleep. Ha! Say bye-bye to keeping a hand or a leg out of your blanket for body temperature regulation. 

Pure and virgin wool is also highly breathable, so you wouldn’t have to worry about discomfort even during mild winter days. It absorbs moisture or sweat without being damp to the touch. 

Besides the overall good quality, pure wool is also eco-friendly. The fabric is renewable, totally natural and bio-degradable—a key factor in the brand's commitment to responsible living.

2. Comfortable Feel: Embracing Tactile Luxury 

Terre Blanket ensures every moment spent under its embrace is a testament to true indulgence. 

Imagine a sensory experience where luxury touches every part of your skin. The Blanket has a "lived-in soft" feel, meaning each thread embodies unparalleled softness that wraps you in pure warmth and comfort. 

Such comfort with a sensory experience sets the Terre Blanket apart from the ordinary blankets on the market. The ultra-soft microfiber fabric from virgin wool provides a luxurious and soft touch against your skin, a favourite for any season and cozy for snuggling. 

Terre Blanket’s serene and lived-in soft feel is ideal for simple relaxation on the couch during the day or a comfortable long night's sleep on the bed. 

While the Blanket's luxurious feel may make it seem like it might be high maintenance, on the contrary, it is easier to maintain. 

For example, you don’t have to wash it unless there are visible stains or spills frequently. The stains can be easily lifted off with a spot clean without much impact on lifespan. The lived-in soft feel also means you don't need to iron the Blanket. 

3. Timeless Design 

Terra Blanket's contemporary design blends aesthetics and functionality with a minimalistic vibe. Creating layers that transcend single uses and never fade through the seasons is what Everlayer is all about. 

It has a one-of-a-kind modern double-face reversible design, wrinkled effect and free fringes. The wrinkled effect of the Terre Blanket creates a unique & vintage look that adds value and character to the design, giving visual comfort. 

Also, the free fringes add a touch of sophistication, transforming the blanket into a work of art that enhances your living space. Even with this design, the blanket is easy to lift, weighing 280 grams. It also has the perfect length, measuring 220 cm x 250 cm / 87 inch x 98 inch.

4. Great Craftsmanship and Commitment to Nature 

The EVERLAYER's core lies in an unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and love for nature. It's not just your ordinary textile brand; Everlayer commitment extends to sourcing the best natural materials with utmost responsibility.

The focus is to provide the best blanket, crafted from natural material. Overall, the blanket blends luxury and environmental responsibility. It exemplifies sustainable luxury, from caring for the land and animals to selecting farms focusing on excellent animal treatment. 

Made in Europe by family-owned manufacturers, Everlayer pieces adhere to the highest ethics, health, and sustainability standards. You can be certain you’ll experience luxury in bed with a pure conscience. 


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